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Go Daddy Domain Names

Yahoo! Search Marketing 


Business Development

Metronome Marketing will help you develop your existing revenue streams and create new ones. Use the marketing tools and information below to help develop your business.

Newsletters & Automated Response Email Marketing

Staying in touch with your prospects and customers can be a challenge. Email can be the most efficient method and, done right, the most welcome. A good email service to safely manage your email list and mailings is Get Response they offer best practices email with Automated Response, a feature we can't live without that helps you do an automated drip campaign. Contact Us to help you write effective letters, newsletters, announcements, drip campaings, etc..

Domain Registration & Hosting

In today's competitive market part of an integrated marketing plan includes developing your own Web site. We recommend GoDaddy as an effective and economical solution for your domain, hosting and email needs. www.GoDaddy.com You can also Contact Us to help choose your domain name and for steamlined Web design.

Search Engine & Directory Listings

Once your site is up and running you need to generate traffic to make money. Yahoo! Sponsored Search lists your business on top sites like Yahoo!, AltaVista and CNN. Sign up and get a $25 credit.

57% of shoppers say the Internet is their primary source of information pre-purchase. (-Burst Media). The Internet is the new yellow pages. More and more, consumers turn to the web first to research and find nearby retailers and local service providers—at the rate of 213 million searches every single day. Simply put, if you’re not online, those people can’t find your store or purchase from you. And LeadConnect™ is the simple, affordable, and effective solution that targets and showcases your business to local shoppers on the web, driving more buyers directly to you. "Advertise Locally for $199 a year!".

Ecommerce & Online Stores

If you are starting an ecommerce site you'll need to create an online store. Interested in starting an online store? Yahoo! makes it easy - 35% off for a limited time! They have 3 different programs depending on your level.


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