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Metronome Moment-by-Moment Marketing (SM)

In 5 Easy Phases

Within every moment there’s marketing. Between every beat of the metronome there’s a process. This is the Metronome Marketing philosophy. There are 5 phases to marketing that are present in everything you do. Every handshake, every phone call, every invoice, and every sales call plays a part in your marketing mix.

At the same time marketing must be focused and targeted. Just like a metronome hits the beat, your marketing must hit the mark. You can’t be all things to all people. Good marketing is not frenetic. It’s measured, carefully timed and right on the money.

Metronome Moment-by-Moment Marketing is the name we give to the core offering of our business. It’s a 5-phase integrated approach to business development that will revolutionize the way you do business while setting the pace for your business success.

1) Corporate Identity & Branding

What do people recognize about you?

It could be a logo, a combination of colors, a slogan, a jingle or something else you use to brand an image into your customer’s mind. Done effectively, your brand can become your single most valuable corporate asset.

2) Awareness—>Credibility

Why should people choose you?

Building a reputation of credibility can be as simple as providing references or as sophisticated as being a guest expert on a national television show. Cultivating opportunities requires careful planning, unique positioning and continual outreach initiatives. PR is the best form of advertising—and it can be done on a shoestring.

3) Target Marketing—>Lead Generation

Who are your best customers and how do you get more like them?

Finding a niche helps you capitalize on duplication, making your organization more efficient and more profitable. By selecting your target audience and appealing directly to them you can generate pre-qualified leads to filter out the noise and eliminate the static.

4) Customer Acquisition—>Appointment to Close

How many leads do you actually close?

When you finally attract a qualified lead, it’s like gold. Don’t miss any opportunity, by making sure you use the best techniques to get the appointment and close the business.

5) Customer Loyalty—>Referrals

How well do you retain customers?

Keeping loyal customers is much easier than getting new ones. By developing retention programs you can nurture the relationship and capture a greater share of your customer’s wallet. Then leverage these valued relationships to get new business through referrals. That’s your cash cow!


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