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Metronome Marketing handled our marketing, communications and PR efficiently and effectively. They also helped us run our financial seminars providing research, writing, presentation design and logistical support. Metronome Marketing provides the professional, business-savvy marketing support and advice we need in the competitive financial services industry.

Robert A. Clarfeld, CPA,
CEO, Clarfeld Financial Advisors

We have relied on Metronome Marketing's assistance with writing and design to sales coaching and motivation, they are the one-stop shop for all of our marketing needs.

Marty Levine, CPA, ChFC
President & CEO, Estate Preservation Services, LLC

If you need marketing help and want to be on top of current trends and issues, Metronome is the place to be. Grace Cantwell is always ahead of the curve. Her leadership was a refreshing welcome to the Westchester County Association & the Westchester Public Issues Institute.

William M. Mooney, Jr.
President, Westchester County Association

As a professional organizer you would think that I should be able to organize anything, especially my thoughts. Rest assured I can, most of the time. But even the organizer needs a little help from time to time. Writing is not one of my favorite things to do, but talking is! That's where Grace Cantwell of Metronome Marketing comes in. I originally asked Grace to help me update my company brochure. Upon getting started, she listened intently and asked many pointed questions while I spewed all my thoughts about the brochure. The results of my seemingly unorganized thoughts was the creation of five, very well organized steps outlining the organizing process that I use with my clients. These steps became the substance of my brochure and work very effectively to reinforce my verbal presentation.

If you are looking for a professional to help you organize your marketing material and message—and do it with great enthusiasm—Grace Cantwell of Metronome Marketing is the professional you are looking for.

Pamela Brunderman
President, Organized For Life


EZ EXPO LLC is a career fair services organization based in Westchester. We are a company that was looking for some marketing direction and we were fortunate enough to find the professional services of Metronome Marketing at a Business Expo. As a start-up company it was essential to work with a company who understood a small company mentality that wanted to have big market exposure.

The services of Metronome were extraordinary as the executive management helped us identify instrumental ways to brand our identity and think about our future. They helped introduce us to some business leaders within Westchester County which then transitioned our first function into a success.

Thank you Metronome.

Tom Ascher & Bernie Vogel
Founders, EZ Expo LLC


My experience with Metronome Marketing has been excellent. Grace was a key player in the writing, design and execution of a beautifully done, compelling brochure for our organization -- Bridges to Community, Inc. She brought to the table obvious experience, creative insight, aesthetic sensitivity and heart. We will certainly use their services in the future.

Carter Via
Executive Director, Bridges to Community


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